Brief History of the Building


For over 70 years, it was the home of [Ideal, and then] Fortune’s Paint & Hardware Co., which provided West Asheville neighborhood residents with the tools to build and repair their homes. In 1983, it was bought and renamed Davis Hardware, until 1995 when it became the Keith Davis Auction Company. In 1998, it was purchased by EcoInvest with a creative community vision in mind. Initially housing the Asheville ReSource Center in 1998, it has incubated and hosted a variety of progressive micro-businesses and ecclectic events ever since. 

After periodic ‘re-birthing periods’,
it continues to be a work-in-progress and a labor-of-love,
The Fortune Building mission is simple:



To provide space for education, information, and creative expression,
helping us collectively find the necessary tools to rebuild
ourselves, our community, and our planet.